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A.C.Beck are hitting the mark with sustainability.

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16 February 2023

For the last year AC Beck have been looking at how they can be more sustainable and help the environment. We researched how we could go about this and approached various authorities on the subject for their advice.

We finally settled on Planet Mark as our consultants who we met through our Royal Warrant connections and had been engaged successfully by the Royal Warrant Holders Association for many years. We undertook to provide certain information to them which includes fuel consumption, utility bills, how much paper we are using, how much waste we are producing, how much recycling we do, how much charity work we do and our social values.

On successful completion Planet Mark then issue to us a certificate reporting our carbon footprint with a rating. For the next year we should reduce our carbon usage to make that rating even better. We have lowered the temperature in the office, we are working our way to changing our vehicles to hybrid or electric (we have two hybrid cars in the company already), We are trying to head towards being a paperless company, we have helped with community projects, We are recycling a lot more paint tubs/tins and using bulk containers so not to use paint tubs/tins.

We are hoping that the changes we have made will improve our carbon footprint even further and push us year on year to be a company that will be recognised for being sustainable.