Exploring the benefits of a healthier lifestyle

On Monday afternoon we invited Mark Bennett from Entire Wellbeing to our office to discuss the vast benefits of implementing a healthier lifestyle. A.C. Beck takes pride in insuring the well being of it’s employee’s and is looking to offer further guidance where necessary. After an introduction into Mark’s experience and previous case studies, we then began the presentation.

Mark started to discuss the main factors that make up the wheel of health. These included diet, nutrition, sleep, stress and environmental factors. We were introduced to new techniques on overcoming issues which individuals may have within any of the main factors. It was an eye opening experience on how nutrition plays a bigger part on your day to day life than most people would expect & by making a simple change can see your health reap the rewards.

Other topics of discussion included nutritious foods, environmental issues, genes & the shocking stats that are an effect of human caused factors.




If you would like to find out more than take a look at https://entirewellbeing.com


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